UNM Plans for Spring 2021

The UNM community has truly been amazing, helping our students learn and grow and to pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge. While COVID remains a challenge, and UNM is certainly not free from infection, the dedicated work and caring discipline of our faculty, students, and staff has helped slow the spread within UNM.

This page provides a brief outline of the plans for the Spring 2021 Semester. It applies broadly across UNM, but there are local differences and instructions. This is especially important for the HSC academic units and for the Branch Campuses, and of course the UNM Health System continues to fully operate to serve the health care needs of the New Mexico community.

Please note that this information was updated on January 6, 2021.

  • The holiday ends Jan 4, 2021 and students living in the dorms move in Jan 11th.
  • UNM will conduct the first week of Spring term classes, Jan 19 – Jan 22, as remote instruction. This will allow students who are returning to UNM from out of state to return a week before the start of classes and continue a period of quarantine for two weeks before any in-person instruction.
  • After the first week, UNM will begin a hybrid term much like Fall 2020 semester. The breakdown of instructional modes for Spring 2021 in ABQ looks like:
    Delivery Type% of Classes

    100% FACE




    Remote Arranged


    Remote Scheduled


    Online MAX

  • The Spring term calendar is posted online, but in brief:
    • January 19 - Classes Start
    • March 14-21 - Break
    • May 10-14 - Final Exams
    • May 15 - Term Ends
  • The daily symptom attestation resumed for faculty on Jan 4th and will start for students on Jan 11th. Wherever you are, please be mindful of your health and if you develop any symptoms of COVID, please contact your health care provider.

We expect that spring break will occur as planned, and there is no remote instruction period planned at the end of the term. Of course, if the progression of COVID-19 dictates otherwise, we will adjust as needed. If students leave the state during spring break, it is likely they will have to quarantine for two weeks upon return, and this could impact their study plans.