Community Engaged Projects and Creative Work

(not including human research projects)

For personnel engaged in community-based and creative works (outside of the UNM campus, or with community members who visit campus facilities), personnel will continue to conduct their work through the use of electronic methods including Zoom, phone calls, and emails to the extent possible.  When in-person visits are necessary and a location is available that meets the public health guidelines for reopening in New Mexico, the PI must present a written plan to their cognizant Dean/Director for approval that specifies the protocols that will be in place, consistent with the guidelines in Bringing Back the Pack and CDC COVID-19 Safety Practices.

Work involving travel off-campus must be in accordance with the university policy on business travel in effect at the time. Exceptions to university travel restrictions for any personnel (faculty, staff, or students) must be made in writing by the applicable Chancellor, Dean or VP. Travel to areas or communities needs to be closely considered based on the prevalence of community spread of the virus and public health guidelines and may be prohibited based on those guidelines. 

All travel must be in alignment with UNM travel restrictions and guidelines in effect at the time (

  1. When travel is via ground transportation, there should be one person per vehicle unless individuals are from the same household. If this is impossible, a plan for implementing safety protocols must be provided as part of the request for an exception to the travel restrictions.
  2. The requester must provide a written plan for compliance with CDC, State and UNM guidelines to the cognizant dean or director to protect against infection at work sites, at stopover points in transit, and when obtaining fuel and supplies. 
  3. During the execution of all activities, personnel must follow all applicable COVID Safety Practices.
  4. Participation by employees is voluntary. Individuals at high risk of complications of infection should consider carefully their own health concerns, and consult with their supervisor/chair to address these concerns.  Those who are exhibiting symptoms of infection with COVID-19 are not permitted to travel.
  5. Researchers seeking exceptions to UNM business travel restrictions must obtain authorization in writing from their cognizant dean.

When community-based research includes human subjects research, the researcher MUST contact the UNM IRB office to receive clearance to resume in-person interactions.  See the memo from UNM IRB and further guidance from the UNM IRB office.