Research Guidelines

Resumption of curtailed research operations will occur in alignment with applicable state, national, and regional guidelines and as determined by university leadership. Until all restrictions are lifted, only personnel with a need to access physical locations to advance research and creative works should be on-site. These guidelines are in addition to the protocols published in Bringing Back the Pack (, released by the UNM Office of President (5/22/2020).

Vulnerable individuals (as defined by the CDC) should consider carefully their own health concerns, and consult with their supervisor/chair to address these concerns. For confidential issues related to underlying health issues or ADA concerns, individuals may consult with OEO.  Students are able to opt-out of on-campus research activities if they feel unsafe and should speak with their advisor’s/PI’s supervisor, and/or use an anonymous tip-line (e.g., EthicsPoint) if they feel pressured to return.

Use of laboratory spaces, fabrication facilities, and similar creative work spaces requires masks and six-foot social distancing like class room spaces, as well as daily symptom screening and maintenance of an occupancy log.  Authorization to reopen these spaces on main campus requires a formal request and approval by the Provost to ensure that each space has met both the general COVID Safe Practices and any special needs of the space; similar requests processes are in place on the UNM Branch Campuses, with approval by the Chancellors.  When six-foot distancing cannot be maintained (e.g. when moving equipment or using technology that requires multiple operators in closer proximity) additional attention to health protocols and additional PPE will be required.

All instructional labs and class room spaces will have COVID maximum occupancy signs posted.