Behaviors & Safety Measures

Residence Life and Student Housing will be implementing policies and practices with the goal of the safety of our residents and the greater community. These policies may evolve over the course of the semester, and the most updated version of expectations can always be found online at RLSH will also include information in the Residence Hall Handbook, which will be electronically provided to you at move-in and will be available online at



Housing Conduct Process

Students who are found responsible for violating health protocols will be held accountable for their choices. RLSH will continue to follow the published Housing Conduct Procedures (available within the Residence Hall Handbook), with appropriate and necessary considerations for physical distancing and alternate mediums for meetings between staff and students to address alleged violations of policy. Due to the risk posed to the greater community by health protocol violations, students found responsible could very likely face removal from campus housing, even on the first offense.

The appeals process for students who are removed from campus housing will remain intact, but appeals must be filed on the grounds for appeal outlined in the Residence Hall Handbook. Please be aware, the appeal process does not guarantee residency for any reason. We are imploring residents to avoid making decisions which put the health of themselves and the community at risk; doing so puts your continued residency with RLSH at risk.

Students found violating housing policies may also be subject to the disciplinary proceedings under the Student Code of Conduct through the Dean of Students Office.


Quarantine for Exposure

UNM has determined, in many instances, it is possible to allow students to quarantine in their originally assigned spaces, as long as they follow all the safety procedures covered by SHAC or RLSH at the time they are put on notice of quarantine.

RLSH has been working closely with UNM Student Health and Counseling throughout this pandemic, and RLSH and SHAC will continue to coordinate on necessary quarantine for students. At the direction of SHAC or other medical professionals, a student to may be required to quarantine in their assigned space for various lengths of time. This information will be provided to residents at the time they are notified of the requirement to quarantine.

Students will be expected to follow all additional requirements or quarantine. Students who are found to have failed to follow the requirements of quarantine may have their license agreement terminated and will no longer be permitted to remain in campus housing for the duration of the isolation period and/or for the remainder of the academic year.

Required COVID-19 Testing

All positive COVID-19 cases are reviewed by a committee of medical and public health professionals who are authorized to take appropriate action to ensure the health and safety of the individual and the community, including isolation, additional cleaning, and invitations for testing of additional individuals. Students who are identified as a potential exposure or contact by this committee are referred for testing through a testing service provided by UNM Student Health & Counseling.

 Any resident who receives the referral for testing is required to complete the test; refusal to get a test once referred may result in a report to the Dean of Student’s Office and review for action under the Student Code of Conduct.