Residence Life & Student Housing

The information contained within this section applies to students living with Residence Life and Student Housing in Alvarado, Coronado, Hokona, Laguna/DeVargas, Santa Clara, Redondo Village Apartments, SRC Apartments, and LoboRainforest. Students who live in either Casas del Rio or LoboVillage, managed by UNM’s private partner, American Campus Communities, should contact their property directly for information related to COVID safe practices, relevant policies, and procedures in place for the 2020-2021 lease year.

For resident Lobos, the Fall 2020 semester will be a completely new and different experience and we are committed to making it meaningful as well as supportive of your academic success. What can’t be overemphasized, is that choosing to live on campus this fall will come with additional responsibilities, and we want to clearly articulate those to you and your family to assure that we share an understanding of what it will mean to live on-campus at UNM this fall. At UNM we say, “each of us defines all of us.” It’s not just a catch-phrase; it’s part of a culture that recognizes that while we are all individuals, with our own personalities, experiences and perspectives, we are united in our commitment to the good of the pack. With that in mind, please understand that processes and protocols outlined here are in place to ensure not only the safety and success of each student living on campus, but also the safety and well-being their friends, faculty and entire Lobo community.

Our goal is to help you have a full and rich on-campus experience, but that experience will be impacted by the current public health situation—above all our primary objective will be to strive to maintain the safest possible environment in the residence halls. These actions are being taken to protect those who live on-campus, as well as the greater UNM, Albuquerque, and New Mexico community. We each have a responsibility to make daily decisions that keep ourselves and others safe. Students who live on campus this fall shall be held to the highest standard; your choice to live on campus must be made with the unequivocal understanding and agreement that you will be expected to make daily choices to keep others safe and will be held accountable for decisions or actions which work against that goal.