Events & Event Planning

Indoor Events

As of March 21, 2022, mask wearing and proof of vaccination at indoor events is optional for UNM venues to choose to enforce. If venues, or event organizers, choose to require proof of vaccination, please refer to the following training on how to properly check the cards. If a venue chooses not to enforce masking or proof of vaccination, and the event organizer would, they may do so.

Outdoor Events

As of March 21, 2022 mask wearing and proof of vaccination at outdoor events is not required.

Events with Minors

For events hosting minors as primary guests, sponsoring or hosting departments are responsible for completing all of the requirements outlined in the Minors on Campus policy. Please go to the Compliance Office website for more information on this process and policy.

Use of Residence Halls for Event Housing

UNM Residence Life and Housing and American Campus Community properties may be available for housing associated with events and conferences. Please contact each area for their specific policy on events they will be able to accommodate.


For questions regarding in-person events on campus, please contact Ryan Lindquist at