On-Campus Worksite Protocols

During the remaining time in limited operations, managers, supervisors, and academic leaders should please prepare to be able to meet the guidelines below. Please note that these are not finalized guidelines but provided now so you can begin to think about how best to comply with new requirements resulting from COVID-19. Note also that while some units may move to a fuller operating phase on June 1, as directed by leadership, other units will move into this phase later; nevertheless, this is the time for all to start to plan.

As we move towards fuller operations, everyone should:

  • Follow the COVID-Safe Practices above.
  • Continue to conduct remote work to the greatest extent possible. Telecommuting should remain the default for the majority of UNM faculty, staff and students.
  • Take responsibility for disinfecting personal work spaces and collaborate with supervisor plans to create a safe shared workspace.

Supervisors should:

  • Arrange workplaces to provide for a minimum of six feet of distance between individuals.
  • Design office schedules to accommodate remote work and to support social distancing in the office space.
  • Close common areas where personnel are likely to congregate or modify them to minimize contact.
  • Provide for meetings to take place remotely whenever possible, even for participants who may be in the same building.
  • Coordinate routine and regular disinfection of common contact sites (keyboards, monitors and touch screens, door handles, multi-user equipment, etc.)
  • Share training to encourage the use of tools that will reduce viral spread, including software tools for telecommuting and virtual meetings, new office housekeeping processes, and new ways of conducting business that minimize contact.
  • Develop a gradual approach to bringing people back to campus while remaining flexible to all the various situations they are currently encountering (i.e., health issues, childcare, etc.).
  • Communicate plans and protocols regularly and clearly.

Human Resources and the Health Sciences Center are developing training for daily cleaning and disinfecting protocols, hygiene, and respiratory etiquette (e.g., covering coughs). This training will be published soon.

Daily Symptom Screening

Consistent with the State of New Mexico’s COVID-Safe Practices for all employers, UNM faculty, staff, and students are required to complete a daily symptom screening prior to coming to campus.  To comply with this directive, all UNM employees will receive a daily email asking if they plan on coming to campus that day, and if so, if they are experiencing symptoms that can be associated with COVID-19.  Main/branch campus employees will receive an email from covidscreen@unm.edu, and HSC employees will receive an email from symptomattestation@salud.unm.edu.

Employees who are experiencing symptoms are directed not to come to work, and are instructed on next steps based on their respective self-reporting policy:

To ensure the safety of our campus community as well as compliance with State requirements, all employees are expected to respond to this request each day.  Further, we recognize that some members of our community may not have the technology resources available to complete the email screening. In these cases, an alternative screening process (proceso de selección alternativo) should be used. Please consult with your supervisor about your request to utilize the alternative screening process and any internal department procedures.

Departments are encouraged to post signage related to symptom screening and self-reporting requirements at their worksites, targeting areas such as time clocks and entry doors.  Supervisors should communicate the screening and self-reporting process to their employees and ensure that all employees working on-site understand these requirements. 

 If employees or supervisors have questions regarding these requirements, they should contact Human Resources at clientsv@unm.edu