Managing Exposure and Positive Cases

Self-Reporting of COVID-19 Diagnosis

  1. Any UNM main campus or branch campus faculty, staff, student or volunteer who has tested positive for COVID-19 is required to self-report via UNM’s online self-reporting system. See the Policy Statement for Self-Reporting on UNM Main and Branch Campuses.
  2. Notify your supervisor and exit campus if you are on campus.
  3. Follow the guidance of the UNM Call Center (505-515-8212) who will be in contact with you per your submitted online self-report.

Exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace

  1. If you have come into close contact with someone who is exhibiting symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 but you do not have symptoms, follow the CDC’s guidance. 
  2. If you are fully vaccinated, you should also follow the CDC’s guidance for fully vaccinated individuals as noted in the link immediately above.
  3. When an exposure occurs at a UNM worksite:
    1. Employees should be sent home.
    2. A work order for COVID cleaning must be submitted to Facilities Management.
    3. Facilities Management will clean the area as quickly as possible and notify the department when the space has been disinfected and is safe for employees to return.
    4. Employees who are not exhibiting symptoms should return to the office.
    5. Employees sent home should be placed on paid administrative leave for the work time they are away from the UNM worksite while it is closed for cleaning.

Supervisor’s guide for when an employee is positive for COVID-19

If a supervisor becomes aware that an employee who has occupied a UNM space has tested positive for COVID-19, please recognize that individual’s right to privacy regarding healthcare issues, but also recognize the concerns of other occupants.

Supervisor responsibility for employees who disclose they have tested positive:

  1. Separate the employee from others and send the individual home, or instruct individual to refrain from coming to campus if not on campus. Employee must begin the self-isolation period.
  2. Contact Client Services at to discuss a leave plan or work from home arrangement I the employee will be required to quarantine for a long period of time.
  3. Instruct the individual to log into UNM’s self-reporting system and to follow any directives that are an outcome of reporting in the system, including complying with instructions from the UNM COVID-19 Call Center (505-515-8212).
  4. Request permission from the employee to disclose to other employees the positive test results.
  5. Let co-workers who were in the immediate area know of the positive results and send them home and instruct them to call the UNM COVID Call Center at 505-515-8212. If the employee has not granted permission then avoid using the employee name when speaking with co-workers.
  6. Co-workers should follow guidance provided by the Call Center related to testing and self-quarantining.
  7. Supervisor should notify Facilities Management (FM) by submitting a Service Request online to report a need for COVID-Safe Cleaning procedures.
  8. Department should lock up the space and FM will dispatch staff to secure the area and post closure signage.
  9. Once all disinfecting protocols have taken place, FM will notify the department contact when the area is clear to be reopened and an “all clear” notice will be sent to the FM internal service areas.

Building/Area Closures for COVID-Related Cleaning

  1. COVID-related building information can be found on the Facilities Management homepage under the Bringing Back the Pack heading.
  2. In the event a facility has a COVID-19 related exposure, a regularly updated Building/Area Closures for COVID-Related Cleaning list is provided showing buildings, or spaces within buildings, that have been temporarily closed for cleaning and when they’ve received an “All Clear” for resumption of operations. 
  3. Upon Facilities Management receiving a Service Request to clean a space where a COVID-positive individual was present, Facilities Management will determine areas requiring closure for disinfection and will communicate with department leadership on a closure and reopening plan.
  4. Once approved for reopen, buildings are listed on the Facilities Approved for Re-Open page, sorted by both reopen date and building name. These lists should assist service providers in planning for upcoming re-openings and help campus users determine which facilities are open for business before they leave their home or office.
  5. Employees who may have been in the exposed area will be asked to go home and to return when an “All Clear” is received from Facilities Management.

More information: FM has provided a COVID-Related Guidance page dedicated to offering a roadmap for department leadership, relating to their facilities, if staff or students report positive or possible exposure to COVID-19. The page also includes a developing FAQ section for key topics such as HVAC units and FM Custodial cleaning protocols.