Summary Guide to Spring 2021 at UNM for Instructors

Beginning January 19, 2021, The University of New Mexico will offer a hybrid Spring Semester of partially face-to-face and partially remote classes.

About 4% of classes on the UNM-Albuquerque main campus will be fully face-to-face, another 16% are currently planned as face-to-face plus remote, and the remaining 80% of courses are planned for fully remote delivery. The busiest time on main campus will be between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays with about 1000 students attending classes on different schedules during that hour. On Fridays, the number of students on campus at any given time will go down, with a peak of only about 360 in face-to-face classes.

Contacting Your Students About Class Delivery before January 19

Contact your enrolled students before the first day of class and preferably by January 15 via or email and/or the e-mail function on UNMLearn to update them on how to access your class. Consult for finalized information about where, when, and how your class is scheduled and about how to read the schedule.

Instructors should plan Spring 2021 classes with the following in mind:

Students coming from out-of-state and from other countries are required by the state to self-quarantine for two weeks. UNM is advising students to arrive in New Mexico no later than January 11, a week before the beginning of classes. During the first week of classes, all classes should use a remote delivery model, starting any needed face-to-face learning on January 25th or later (with obvious exceptions for some clinical experiences).  While the stress on the health care system is reducing, in support of our community we want to ensure that transmission probabilities remain as small as possible during in January to limit or eliminate any post-holiday increases.

It is possible that at some time during the term a student in your face-to-face or face-to-face plus remote class will be diagnosed with COVID-19.  In that event, you may be asked to offer your face-to-face meetings remotely for two weeks so that your students and you can self-isolate and protect the community by doing so. Your classroom space will be thoroughly sanitized and you and your students and you will be supported in addressing health concerns and accessing testing.

Students continue to face significant obstacles this Spring as they struggle to stay in school in the midst of job and food insecurity, family responsibilities, isolation, illness or fear of illness, and the different time management and learning demands of hybrid delivery. Faculty face many of these challenges as well. The flexibility that faculty have offered to students have provided real benefits in helping students persist in school.  Please offer flexibility, including alternative ways of completing course work for students experiencing significant stress or health concerns, this Spring.

Presence on campus will remain limited and many services, when possible, will generally be provided remotely. It is important to continue to thoughtfully limit your presence on campus and to work from home as much as possible with a reduction of COVID-19 transmission as the goal.

Please remember that UNM and your class may need to shift to a more fully remote delivery of the curriculum due to health considerations and State of New Mexico regulations at any time.

Thank you for your hard work this past year and for your continuing work in support of our mission of learning and discovery.

Committees Providing Resources and Guidance:

President Stokes has organized seven groups to address UNM needs during the pandemic:

  1. Research and Maker Spaces, Chair, Interim VP for Research Mary Jo Daniel
  2. Operations, Chair, Dorothy Anderson, VP Human Resources;
  3. Health Protocols, Chair, Dean Tracie Collins, College of Population Health
  4. External Communications, Chair, Cinnamon Blair, Chief Marketing Officer
  5. Instructional Continuity & Student Services Committee, Chair, AP Pamela Cheek
  6. Sports and Athletics, Chair, Ed Manzanares, Sr. Associate Athletics Director
  7. Coordinated Financial Planning, Chair, Liz Metzger, University Comptroller
  8. Testing, Chair, Richard Larson