Facility Reopen Request Process

In an effort to organize and prioritize the areas that can more towards an increased on-campus presence, UNM leadership, in partnership with UNM Facilities Management, UNM Safety & Risk Services, and UNM IT is implementing a new UNM Facility Reopen Request process.   

Throughout UNM’s time under limited operations, managers, supervisors, and academic leaders have been working with Deans/Directors to develop Return to Operations plans for their departments that meet the state’s COVID-Safe Practices guidelines, as reflected in the practices outlined in UNM’s Bringing Back The Pack website.

Once a department’s Return to Operations plan has been approved by the appropriate Dean/Director, the next step towards increasing your department’s on-campus presence will be to formally submit a Facility Reopen Request on the Facility Reopen Request website.  

Managers and Supervisors should not begin asking employees to return to campus until they receive final approval/confirmation through the UNM Facility Reopen Approval Process.

Please email facilityrtc@unm.edu with questions on the Facility Reopen Request process or for status updates.

For Facility Reopen Requests submitted by email or memo through Academic Affairs or the Office of the Provost prior to June 22, 2020, please contact Jessica Ramos at jdramos@unm.edu for questions or status updates.