A Hybrid Spring 2021 Semester

Ready to Learn and Ready to Pivot

What does a hybrid Spring semester  mean? It means that UNM is offering a mixture of ways for students to take classes and benefit from support services. There are entirely remote classes accessible via UNM's learning management system UNMLearn, entirely face-to-face classes offered in UNM classrooms, and classes that are partly remote and partly face-to-face. A hybrid Spring makes it possible to reduce the total number of people on our campuses at any given time.

The first week of Spring 2021 classes on UNM main and branch campuses will be entirely remote as an important health precaution; all classes from January 19 (the first day of main and branch campus classes through January 23 will be delivered remotely). Students in programs at the Health Sciences Center and the UNM Law School should follow the information about class delivery provided by their programs. Please be aware that the Spring calendar and class delivery modes may change in response to health considerations.  Stay informed by checking your e-mail and reading messages posted on this site.

The reduction in face-to-face class meetings  allows social distancing and wise public health precautions to address COVID-19.  We know that many of our students thrive and learn better when they have personal contact with faculty and support staff, so we don't want to eliminate all in-person learning and activities.

We also know that learning remotely doesn't come easily.  Schedule a session with CAPS tutoring (caps.unm.edu) to ask for strategies to help you manage your time and stay on track. Reach out to the Student Activities Center (sac.unm.edu) for personalized ideas about how to get involved with a club or other student activity. And if the stress of covid life gets you down, connect with the right kind of support for you at mentalhealth.unm.edu.

A hybrid Spring makes it possible for students to have an engaging educational experience in a safe environment. Although this may change as we complete scheduling and monitor health conditions in the region, about 80% of UNM Main campus classes are currently planned as entirely remote classes. Our hybrid planning also makes it possible for UNM to pivot rapidly to address changing health conditions in the State of New Mexico.