Vendors and Contractors

Vendors, Project Contractors, and regular Contractual Partners working on campuses must comply with:

  1. UNM’s Purchasing Department’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Procedures
  2. CDC Guidance for Coronavirus
  3. Public Health Orders and Executive Orders issued by the NMDOH, and
  4. The COVID Safe Practices (CSPs) described in UNM’s Expectations for the Pack

Vendor and Contractor Compliance with COVID Safe Practices (CSPs)

University vendors and contractors who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 should not come to any UNM campus.

All individuals must wear a mask or face covering in accordance with the Masks and Face Coverings guidelines on the COVID Safe Practices page.

Only those companies approved by UNM’s Purchasing department are permitted inside UNM buildings in accordance with the work they have been obtained to perform.

Vendors and contractors may cross UNM campus grounds but should not linger in public campus spaces.

Anyone performing work at a UNM campus must follow all signage and instructions, posted indoors and outdoors regarding face coverings, physical distancing, the use of access doors and traffic flow directions, where available.