Vax the Pack

Let’s get Lobo vaccination to 100%!

Lobos, this fall, we have so much to be grateful for and look forward to! And having our University community vaccinated brings much hope and anticipation for a return to a dynamic and health campus experience. As many of the COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted for those who are vaccinated, we are excited to welcome back our students to in-person classes, campus events and activities, including Lobo athletics. But we need your commitment and continued diligence to have an incredible Fall 2021 semester.

In appreciation of protecting ourselves and each other, and in an effort to maintain a safe campus environment this fall, The University of New Mexico will be offering incentive opportunities for our Lobos over the coming weeks.

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How it works:


UNM will put $100 (federal HEERF funds) in your account when you upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination. You must be registered for Fall 2021.

Main and Branch Campus Employees

UNM will enter you into a drawing for one of fifty $1,000* prizes when you upload proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

*$1,000 prizes will be subject to income tax and the dates of the drawings will be announced soon.

If you have previously reported your status as vaccinated, but haven’t yet uploaded the appropriate documentation, you’ll need to log in and upload the materials.

If you received your vaccination in New Mexico, you may access your immunization record through the New Mexico Department of Health.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals are only eligible for one incentive program based on their primary UNM affiliation. Individuals with multiple affiliations are not eligible for multiple incentives.
    • For example, main campus staff members who are also students are eligible for the faculty/staff incentive, but not for the student incentive.
    • Student employees and graduate students on assistantships are considered students, and are eligible for the $100 student incentive, but not the faculty/staff incentive.
  • Students must be registered for courses in Fall 2021 to receive the $100 incentive. Students who submit proof of vaccination and are not yet registered for Fall 2021 courses will become eligible to receive the incentive at the point they register for Fall.
  • Employees must have an active job assignment at the time of the drawing to be eligible to participate.
  • The following groups of individuals are currently not eligible for either incentive program: Health Sciences Center Faculty or Staff, Health System employees (UNMH, SRMC, or UNMMG), or UNM Retirees.
  • However, UNM Retirees who hold an active, paid return to work or working retiree assignment on the main or branch campuses are eligible for the faculty/staff incentive program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question you don’t see listed – send it to so we can include it below.

  1. I misplaced my vaccine card. How can I prove that I received my shots to be eligible for the incentive?
    1. If you don’t have your vaccination card, you can download your vaccination record from
  2. I just uploaded my vaccine card. How quickly can I expect to receive my $100 incentive?
    1. Because of the high volume of initial submissions, we expect all uploaded cards to be reviewed within 10-15 business days after submission. Payments will be made to students the week following the review and verification of their uploaded document.  We expect that the first student payments will be made the week of August 2.
  3. I forgot to bring my vaccine card with me when I received my second dose, so I have two cards. Do I need to upload both?
    1. If you received two vaccine cards (one for each dose), be sure to upload one picture where both cards are visible or upload your vaccine record available from
  4. I am an employee who uploaded my vaccine card. When are the drawings taking place, and how will I be notified if I was selected?
    1. The $1,000 employee drawings will be spread out throughout the fall semester, with the first drawing taking place during the first week of school. The selected employees will be contacted by Human Resources, and winners who choose to be identified will be posted on the Bringing Back the Pack website.
  5. Are the $1,000 employee prizes taxable?
    1. Consistent with UNM’s treatment of other awards and prizes, the $1,000 employee incentives are subject to federal and state taxes but are not subject to ERB withholdings.
  6. I am an HSC faculty member who is taking courses as a student. Am I eligible for the $100 student incentive?
    1. No, eligibility is determined based on primary UNM affiliation, and HSC faculty and staff are not eligible for the incentive programs at this time.
  7. I am a staff member and student. Can I decline the faculty/staff incentive and elect to receive the $100 student incentive instead?
    1. No, eligibility is determined by primary UNM affiliation. Individuals with multiple affiliations cannot choose which incentive program to participate in.
  8. I’m an adjunct faculty member whose contract does not begin until the fall. If I upload my vaccine card now, will I be eligible for the faculty incentive?
    1. Yes, if your contract begins before the drawings take place. All employees with an active contract or job assignment at the time of the drawing will be eligible to participate.
  9. I am an international student and was vaccinated in another country. Can I upload my vaccination card or valid international vaccination information?
    1. Yes. Because of the variety of international vaccination records, it may take longer for UNM to validate your record relying on World Health Organization standards around effective vaccinations.
  10. I am a UNM employee who would like to submit my vaccine information, but do not want to participate in the drawing. Is there a way to opt-out?
    1. Yes. There is a check box on the survey where you can indicate that you do not wish to be entered into the drawing.
  11. I already self-reported my vaccination status. Why do I need to upload vaccination information?
    1. UNM seeks an accurate total count of student and employee vaccination to ensure public health. Your upload will make that possible.