Your Spring Classes

All the classes and services that are part of the regular Lobo experience will be available in Spring 2021, yet many of them, such as advising, will be offered primarily remotely to protect your health. A small number of classes will be delivered fully face-to-face, some classes will be a mixture of face-to-face and remote, and most classes will be entirely remote delivery.

Plan ahead

Stay on top of information by consulting these sources:

Reach out for help to:

Your Schedule

The Spring 2021 Schedule of Classes shows how your courses will be delivered. An instructional video to help students find their class delivery types on the registration portal can be viewed at  This video may be also be found at, click on Schedule of Classes or Registration Tips.

Pay careful attention to the days, times, building location, and comments in the schedule. These fields will indicate when and if you have face-to-face meetings of your classes and where those meetings will be held. These fields will also indicate when and if you have remote scheduled (online) times when you will join a class via Zoom, Teams or another platform or if you have remote arranged (online) modules to complete for each week of class.  Many UNM classes are currently planned as entirely remote classes.


These are the different kinds of class delivery for Spring 2021:

100% Face-to Face: All course components are delivered in person and on campus. Small classes or seminars, art classes, studio work, labs, internships, clinics, other skills-based needs.  (only 4% of classes in Albuquerque are of this mode)

Face-to-Face plus Remote Scheduled: Courses meet in person at a scheduled time and meet remotely at a scheduled time (instructors may organize successive in-person meetings with sub-groups of students). Classes or seminars, discussion-based, inquiry- or project- based classes, large classes for which scheduled class times can be used for active learning for smaller groups, other lab, studio, internship, or skills-based classes. 

Face-to-Face plus Remote Arranged: Courses meet in person at a scheduled time and remote instruction is also offered. Classes or seminars, discussion-based, inquiry- or project- based classes, large classes for which scheduled class times can be used for active learning for smaller groups, other lab, studio, internship, or skills-based classes.

Remote Scheduled: All course components are delivered remotely and some or all regularly scheduled group meetings occur and occur remotely via Zoom, Teams, or other platform. Classes and seminars of any size, discussion-, inquiry-, project- based, Classes w/ multiple sections with flexibility.

Remote Arranged: A fully remote course in which all components are delivere remotely and there are no set times for face-to-face or remote meetings. Coursework will be done remotely and your coursework for a given day or week, such as viewing lectures and completing modules, can be completed online within deadlines set by the instructor. Classes or seminars of any size, discussion-based classes, Classes w/ multiple sections.

Hybrid is a specially developed remote scheduled course.

Online Max is a specially developed remote arranged course. UNM has waived the standard $100 course fee for Online Max courses in Spring 2021 only.

We developed these class delivery modalities so that we can support you in learning the way you need to learn and in a safe and responsible way.

Readiness for Class

Learn how to use UNMLearn or the learning management system used in your program (Health Sciences Center schools and colleges use different platforms).  When you access and log in to UNM's portal, you can find UNMLearn and it includes user information.  Make sure you do this before the first day of classes so that you have all the information that you need from your instructor to be prepared for the semester.

If possible, budget for your own computer and, if you live off-campus, your own internet access. Be aware that you will need a web cam for most classes. For general computer and internet recommendations, as well as information about computer loans and/or hotspots, see UNM has some computers available through a loan checkout program for qualified Pell Grant recipients.

Check both your e-mail and your learning management system, usually UNMLearn, daily for updates and information about assignments and activities as well as health alerts.

The Spring 2021 Calendar

Students traveling to New Mexico from out of state should plan on isolating themselves for a two-week period to follow State of New Mexico regulations and to show responsibility toward the Lobo community.

  • Wednesday, January 13th: Law School begins under remote instruction only.
  • Monday, January 18: MLK Day – No Classes.
  • Tuesday, January 19: Spring instruction begins on UNM campuses with a week of remote instruction (The Medical School and School of Nursing may vary and UNM Law School began remotely on January 13 to meet ABA and client fiduciary responsibilities, specific exceptions allowing for in-person instruction may also be in effect for a few classes).
  • Monday, January 25: In-person instruction can begin in general, for those courses scheduled in face-to-face and hybrid modalities.
  • March 14-21: this week is reserved for Spring break, but please be aware that UNM may be required, in response to public health conditions, to eliminate Spring break.  Students are discouraged from traveling out of state during spring break, as there will be no special instructional provisions for the required two week quarantine upon your return.
  • May 10-15: final exams.
  • May 15: last day of Spring semester and commencement.

Please see

Please note that students may choose to change their grading mode to CREDIT/NO CREDIT (only 4 credit hours may be taken CR/NC per semester). However, they should consult their advisors and examine the UNM Catalog ( to determine whether a course taken CR/NC will count toward completion of a major or fulfill necessary pre-requisite and degree requirements.

Changes in health conditions may require UNM to move rapidly to fully remote delivery of courses, even those scheduled to have face-to-face components, and to reduce the campus to limited operations. Under those conditions, UNM will offer classes and services for the rest of the Spring semester remotely.