Syllabus Language for Spring 2021 Classes

Respect the UNM Community by Preserving Health

You have the ability to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to preserve the health of fellow students, your instructor, staff and the community by following UNM health protocols. The UNM Provost Administrative Directive on Mandatory Student Face Covering and Symptom Reporting of December 21, 2020, requires that all students on UNM-Main and UNM branch campuses wear face masks in the face-to-face classroom and on campus unless they have a specific mask accommodation (confidentially documented with the Accessibility Resource Center). UNM Provost Administrative Directive is consistent with State of New Mexico Executive and Public Health orders.  It also requires daily participation in symptom screening through covidscreen, which will be sent daily via UNM e-mail.

Acceptable masks and mask wearing in class: A two-layer mask that covers the nose and mouth and that is cleaned regularly is acceptable. A face shield is not sufficient protection. It is vital that you wear your mask correctly, covering your nose and mouth. Removing your mask for an extended period to eat or drink in class violates the Provost Administrative Directive and endangers others.

Mask Wearing Accommodation: Individuals with a documented disability or diagnosis may seek accommodation with the UNM Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) ( Individuals do not need to reveal private information to an instructor. ARC will require documentation of health requirements, which will be kept confidential. The instructor will be informed only of any need for accommodation.

Consequences of not wearing a mask properly: Unless you have an ARC-approved accommodation, if you don’t wear a mask, or if you do not wear a mask properly by covering your nose and mouth, you will be asked to leave class. If you fail to wear a mask properly on more than one occasions, you can expect to be dropped from the class. If you insist on remaining in the classroom while not wearing a mask (without an ARC-determined accommodation), class will be dismissed for the day to protect others and you will be dropped from the class immediately.

[Optional addition from the instructor: The instructor will try to have a few disposable masks available on a first-come, first-served basis.]

This class may move to remote delivery at any time to preserve the health and safety of the students, instructor and community.  Please check [fill in your communication system] regularly for updates about our class and please check regularly for general UNM updates.

Guidelines for faculty action if a student challenges the face mask policy:

If a student continues to challenge mandatory face masks after a reminder that properly used face masks are required, does not subscribe to syllabus policy and the Provost Administrative Statement, and/or insists on remaining in the classroom after being reminded of the face covering policy, faculty should:

1) Dismiss class. Explain that you must dismiss class and that everyone must leave to protect the safety of everyone because State of New Mexico regulations on face covering are not being observed. Avoid targeting the student who is non-compliant.  Communicate to the class that the Provost's Administrative Statement on Mandatory Mask Wearing and State of New Mexico regulations are being violated and, therefore, it is not safe for students to continue to be in the classroom.

2) Drop the student from your class. Inform the student by e-mail that the drop is due to violation of the Provost's administrative statement and State of New Mexico regulations on mask -wearing. Copy your departmental Chair or Director and Dean of Students on the e-mail.

3) If the student's behavior warrants disciplinary proceedings, provide to Dean of Students a factual and non-evaluative statement of how the student violated the Provost's administrative statement.

4) If the student's behavior constitutes an immediate threat beyond COVID-19 transmission to themself or to another person (for example, threat of personal injury), report the concern to the behavioral threat assessment team at In case of emergency, contact the police at 911 and/or UNM campus police department dispatch at (505) 277-2241.