Student Health Requirements

General student health guidelines are posted here:

Provost James Holloway has issued an administrative statement to students:

UNM Provost Administrative Directive on Mandatory Student Face Covering and Symptom Reporting, December 21, 2020

Your health is important, and the health of the UNM and New Mexico communities is important too.  For this reason, The University of New Mexico fully subscribes to State of New Mexico public health orders on COVID-19, and expects all students to behave responsibly in this difficult time.

UNM is following State Department of Health Public Health Emergency Orders and the All Together New Mexico: COVID-SAFE Practices for Individuals and Employers guidelines, which state: “Individuals are required to wear a face covering or mask in public spaces except when eating, drinking, or unless otherwise advised by a health care provider.” UNM leadership has already stated that, per these orders and the supporting public health law, employees, students, and visitors to UNM, must wear face coverings when they are on the campuses and in the facilities of The University of New Mexico. 

The State of New Mexico public health orders allow an exception when an individual is eating or drinking. UNM honors this exception for spaces clearly and specifically designated on campus for eating and drinking; this does not include classroom, study, or meeting spaces. Students must follow the rules for face covering and social distancing posted in UNM facilities, including gyms and exercise facilities. Students with a documented disability or diagnosis may seek accommodation with the UNM Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).

As we approach the spring 2021 semester, the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs is renewing this administrative directive to apply to all UNM students.  All instructors shall require mask wearing in their classroom or class studio or lab and shall drop students who do not comply as outlined below:

All students are required to wear face masks, except when in their own dorm room or personal space, or under the state exceptions mentioned above.  Students who do not wear a mask to face-to-face class meetings on campus can expect to be asked to leave the classroom, and to be dropped from the class if failure to wear a mask occurs more than once.  Students who do not wear a mask in classrooms and other public spaces on UNM campuses are also subject to disciplinary proceedings under the Student Code of Conduct.

All students coming to campus should screen themselves daily for COVID-19 symptoms. The University of New Mexico requires that all enrolled UNM students complete a daily online symptom screening during the Spring term.  This will be sent regularly by e-mail to all members of the UNM community, including students.

Further, students may be barred from coming to the UNM campus if:

they refuse to take a COVID-19 test after being notified by authorized UNM Rapid Response Team staff of the need to do so to protect the community;

they do not follow self-isolation and quarantine guidelines when authorized UNM Rapid Response Team staff have notified them of the need to do so to protect the community.

Students may be subject to disciplinary proceedings under the student code of conduct if they deliberately come in contact with students, staff, or faculty or come to campus during the period in which they have been informed that they are still infectious following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

This administrative directive is in effect until May 15, 2021, unless notified otherwise.

Remember, wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing, testing, and self-isolation are tools of mutual protection.  I protect you; you protect me.

James Paul Holloway
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs