This fall, the move-in process has been designed to offer two move-in weekends for residents to arrive on campus. We will offer an “Early Move-In” period for residents that need or want to get to campus a little bit earlier for a flat rate.  Students who don’t need or want to arriver earlier can plan to move in during our regular move-in period, at no charge. We encourage all residents to get vaccinated prior to arrival on campus and help us to protect the pack!

We will have two move-in periods, August  13 – 15, 2021 (Early Arrival) and August 19-22, 2021 (Regular Move In). The times for both of those periods will be 9A-5P, and on the Sundays, 9A-2P. Students that select the early move-in period will be charged a flat rate of $120.00. This amount will be billed to their Bursars account, so no payment will be required at the time of move-in. It is a flat rate, so no matter what date student checks-in during that early arrival period, they will be charged the flat rate (no pro-rate).

The Early Arrival/Move-In Date Selection application will be available to all residents that have a fall contract in June. This will allow residents to choose the date they plan on arriving to campus for move-in. We ask that residents make sure they choose the best date for their arrival and plan on arriving during that selection time.

The move-in sign-up will be available by June4, 2021, via their housing dashboard, which is accessible here: Students will receive notice back confirming or denying their requested selection time. Students who are denied will be instructed to reselect a time with additional instructions to aid their selection.

We ask that students select a move-in time no later than 5:00PM on Friday, August 6, 2021. Students who do not select a move-in time will be assigned a time for the regular Move-In period, and they will be notified of their assigned check-in time on Monday, August 9, 2021.

Move-In Helpers (Family & Friends)

We ask that as residents prepare to move in, please be mindful of the number of move-in helpers you bring with you. Residents will be permitted to bring more than one move-in helper, but we do ask that if they are not fully vaccinated that they wear a mask anytime they are in the building.  RLSH understands that many students have more than one person looking to see them off to college, and that only allowing one person to assist with move-in may be impactful for resident and their families. To allow more people to wish you well as you join us for the fall , you will be able to have more than one helper, but we ask that anyone who is unvaccinated to please wear a mask at all times while in the building.

If any unvaccinated helpers are not willing to wear a face covering, they will not be allowed in the building with you. Additionally, these people  may not be COVID positive, waiting for COVID test results after exposure, or symptomatic but not tested. During move-in, we ask that people be exceptionally conscious of maintaining a considerable amount of physical distance between families and that everyone wash or sanitize their hands a few times throughout the move-in process.

Check-In Procedures

In brief, RLSH is planning for a check-in which will provide you with everything you need to be able to get into your room while maintaining social distance to keep you and our staff safe. For those who are returning to campus or have helped others move-in in the past, this fall our check-in will be a  hybrid experience. We strongly encourage all students to pay close attention to the remainder of this section to have the most updated and accurate information.

RLSH will have a centralized check-in tent where students will check in to their hall, pick up room keys and other information pertaining to move-in. We ask that students have a Lobo ID or photo ID available upon check-in. This section will be updated with more specific information (like locations) as the summer progresses. We encourage you to check back often for updates.

Residents at Lobo Rainforest will be able to complete their fall check-in at the desk in the Rainforest Lobby.

What to Bring

Our sincerest hope is that we make it through the academic year without disruption to our students’ ability to stay on campus; but we cannot make that guarantee. We cannot stress enough how important it will be to pack only the essentials as you return this academic year. The fewer items you bring with you to campus, the less there will be for you to manage. We urge you to pack lightly and bring only what you need.

The intensity of our request for bringing only the essentials is our clear attempt to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. One of the most significant struggles faced when the residence halls closed in March 2020 was reuniting students with their belongings—our goal is to learn from that difficulty and have a better plan in case the halls must close unexpectedly this year.

We recommend that you only bring with you what you can successfully move out on your own with very short notice. In the instance we need to close the residence halls, you will have a limited window to exit the halls. Though you were able to have assistance moving in, RLSH cannot guarantee that you would be able to bring in additional people to help remove your belongings in the instance UNM must close the residence halls during the semester