Contractual Obligations & Adjustments

All students who have been assigned a room will had a 2020-2021 License Agreement Contract Amendment & Addendum made available to them on their housing dashboard; before students moved in, they were required to review and agree to the terms of the Amendment & Addendum. We recommend downloading and reviewing the content of the Amendment & Addendum before the spring semester begins.

Room Rates

In the June 8, 2020 communication, RLSH shared information on room rates for the fall. Based on the continued progression of COVID, established rates will not change. If you are assigned to a single room, you will be charged for the single room. If you are assigned to a room that is normally a double room, you will be charged the double room rate. However, if the global health situation improves and the University decides to place residents with roommates during the spring semester, those in double rooms may be assigned a roommate. Therefore, residents in double rooms must remain roommate ready and the additional bed will remain in that room.

Appeals for Charges

RLSH has a structured process for appealing charges related to cancellations and contract releases. Students generally have to demonstrate significant life altering situations to be eligible for an appeal. For 2020-2021 RLSH will be adding an appeal category for changes directly related to COVID-19 or its impact. Students must follow RLSH procedures for appeals but will be able to appeal because of unforeseen or uncontrollable impacts caused by COVID-19. This appeal process does not guarantee a specific outcome on housing related charges. To inquire about or request the packet to appeal a charge, please reach out to