Contractual Obligations & Adjustments

All students who have been assigned a room will have a 2020-2021 License Agreement Contract Amendment & Addendum made available to them on their housing dashboard; before students can complete their move-in, they will be required to review and agree to the terms of the Amendment & Addendum. Students who indicate they do not agree to the Amendment & Addendum will have their contract administratively cancelled at no cost. Students who do not agree to the Amendment & Addendum will not have housing with RLSH for this fall.

Any student who doesn’t complete the Amendment & Addendum by Friday, August 7, 2020, will have their housing contract administratively terminated and will not be charged the cancellation fee.

Financial Adjustments

Please reference our section on “Closures” for definitions of the types of closures we have designated for this fall; the same definitions will be used in this section.

Possible Credits for Partial, Intermittent, and Early Semester Closures

In the instance RLSH must close the residence halls for a portion of the fall semester, RLSH will not be providing refunds to students, because housing contracts extend for the duration of the academic year. However, any partial, intermittent, or early semester closures COULD result in a credit for the next semester’s housing charges. The amount of the credit will be determined by the length and type of the closure, and the decision regarding the credit amount will not be made until the full details of the closure are outlined.

Any potential credits would be applied to student accounts at the time the student returns to the residence halls for the next semester. Any potential credits would be subject to discounts for scholarship, financial aid, and merit and/or grant aid. Students who do not return to the halls for the next semester will forfeit the credit generated by the closure and will be subject to the applicable contract release or no-show fees, as appropriate to the situation.

End of Fall Semester Closure & Thanksgiving Transition to Online Courses

As previously outlined in the “Planned End of Semester Closure” section of this document, RLSH will provide a credit in the amount of 10% of the semester room charge towards the spring semester housing charges for those students who move out at the Thanksgiving closure, if:

  • The student returns their keys to the appropriate area or SRC desk no later than 8AM on Monday, November 30, 2020;
  • The student packs their rooms according to the instructions in this document for End of Semester Closure; and
  • Returns to campus enrolled for at least 6 credits in the spring semester, and completes the spring check-in procedures to return to your room no later than the second day of class for the spring semester

Students who move out at Thanksgiving and fail to return to RLSH in the spring semester will forfeit the credit for the fall semester and will be charged any applicable contract release or no-show fees, as appropriate.

Any potential credit for Thanksgiving departure will be a flat fee of 10% of the semester room charge. Students must fulfill all conditions to receive any potential credit. Failure to fulfill all conditions will result in waiving any potential credit by the student. Students will not be granted a larger credit for departing from the residence hall earlier in the fall semester.

Room Rates

In the June 8, 2020 communication, RLSH shared information on room rates for this fall. As a reminder, established rates will not change. If you are assigned to a single room, you will be charged for the single room. If you are assigned to a room that is normally a double room, you will be charged the double room rate. However, if the global health situation improves and the University decides to place residents with roommates, those in double rooms may be assigned a roommate. Therefore, residents in double rooms must remain roommate ready and the additional bed will remain in that room.

Appeals for Charges

RLSH has a structured process for appealing charges related to cancellations and contract releases. Students generally have to demonstrate significant life altering situations to be eligible for an appeal. For 2020-2021 RLSH will be adding an appeal category for changes directly related to COVID-19 or its impact. Students must follow RLSH procedures for appeals but will be able to appeal on the basis of unforeseen or uncontrollable impacts caused by COVID-19. This appeal process does not guarantee a specific outcome on housing related charges. To inquire about or request the packet to appeal a charge, please reach out to